January 17, 2018

Be My Valentine Card

Here's another sweet Valentine card using mostly Anna Griffin products. Roses create a divine card base, topped with a light green die cut (the inside of the frame from my previous post), and then a Be My Valentine collage card topper. I added the cute green bow, rose sticker, red foil heart die cut, and love die cut. The love word is die cut from craft foam. The foil accents are so lovely.

Who will be MY Valentine?  hmmm...?

Miles of Smiles,

Love You Valentine Card

I'm really into decorating and creating for Valentine's Day lately. I made a few Valentine cards using mostly Anna Griffin items. I mean her damask patterns, lovely flowers, die cuts, and card toppers are serious perfection for a romantic holiday like Valentine's Day. I can't get enough. 

This card started with a rose patterned card base, topped with a pastel green frame die cut. I added the rosie red colored damask patterned cardstock beneath the Valentine collage card topper. I then embellished with die cut leaves, heart, and flowers. I also added the gray resin roses which I think add a special something and added dimension to the card.

This is just soft, yummy and oh so romantic. Don't you think?

Miles of Smiles,

January 16, 2018

Jumped on the Tiered Tray Bandwagon

Yes, I now am the proud owner of a tiered serving tray.  I've been obsessed with finding one the past couple of weeks. Although it is not the exact style I was searching for, it will do for my purposes. I really hate when I get an idea in my head, and can't find what I want, or can't find it at a reasonable price. When I was considering purchasing a tiered tray, as usual I did some research. Which led to very definitive specifications. I wanted it to be 3 tiers, square or rectangle, with straight sides (not angled), not too deep, or too tall, not ceramic or stoneware, and not too fancy or too rustic for that matter. Pretty specific, right? So obviously I did not succeed with it being square or rectangle. But after I gussy'd this one up for Valentine's Day, I wasn't so opposed to the round shape. And the black paint makes for a nice background. This will do. Until one day when the universe presents to me the perfect three tiered tray that I've dreamed of, and it's on sale, and I still want it. lol

For this display, I used 2 wooden plank hearts (red/white and pink/white), stitched felt hearts, clothespins, Lenox kitten, swan sisal ornament, Avon mouse bride perfume bottle, 2 vintage pink sherry glasses, a crystal candlestick, 2 pink paper rosettes, a small heart crock, flameless candle, black & white yarn balls, and various silk flowers and moss.

Miles of Smiles,

January 12, 2018

New Post!

Gosh it's been a while since my last post. The last months of the year are always a whirlwind of activity. Starting about mid-September. There is usually something going on every weekend for us. It started this year in September with Hurricane Irma. Then it was our vacation out to Colorado, North Dakota, and Wyoming. Then the B's birthday. October, Halloween festivities. November, the Anna Griffin Create event in Atlanta, my birthday, Thanksgiving, the 'rents visit. Decorating for Christmas. B's work holiday party. Disney Holiday Hotel Hopping Extravaganza (H3E). Christmas pot luck at work. Our house Christmas party. Christmas break. Our year to travel North to visit family (which is it's own mini whirlwind). 

And now it's the new year. Looking back at 2017 there were a lot of disappointments and heart break. Probably one of the worst years, at least in terms of the overall amount of negativity. I try to remember that my challenges, heart break, and difficulties are small compared to others. But it still gets to me. It still makes me scared, or makes me cry, or makes me angry. It crushes my spirit, just a little bit, then a little bit more, and even more. And then I have to get up each day and pretend like it doesn't. Because that's what people expect from me. To be happy, enthusiastic, supportive, understanding, upbeat, easygoing, free spirited, thoughtful, and engaging. So instead of bringing everyone around me down, I will quietly cry on my commute, or before I fall asleep, or in the bathroom at work. I can pretend to be normal for everyone else, and one day I will again be those things that they all expect without me having to work at it. It just takes time. That's life. And yeah, it's pretty depressing. And for anyone reading this, hang on, I'm changing the tone....

 There were many really cool experiences in 2017 too. I have to remember that. January, the Rolex 24 race with some dear friends (go pink car!). Our trip to Louisville to see the largest fireworks display in the US, and the Hunger Games museum tour. Night tour of the haunted Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Our first cruise! Summer half-day Friday lunches with friends. The solar eclipse! Fourth of July dinner at Disney with friends. Full family and extended family vacation at Disney. Our vacation to Colorado/North Dakota/Wyoming: national monuments and historic hotels galore. Meeting Anna Griffin at the Create event on my birthday weekend! The Annabelles. Disney H3E. Kirwan Christmas Party. Visiting the spot where General Washington crossed the Delaware River on Christmas night.

So there you have it. Every bad side has a good side. Every tear, a smile. Here's a few pics from the last year to remind me that things aren't all bad, and there's lots of good things to come.

 Miles of Smiles (cuz that's what you expect, right?)

Steampunk Christmas Tree

 Here's many of the items I used to decorate the Steampunk tree. 

The top hats are from the Dollar Tree (for mardi gras). I painted them bronze and added gears, sequins, clock hands and ribbon. I didn't hang them. Instead I set them on the tree branches.

The little vials I got at Hobby Lobby in the jewelry section. They already had the little eye screw in the cork stopper. I filled them with glow in the dark pigment powder I got on Amazon, and a clock hand. They were hung with the fancy hooks here. Those fancy hooks are FABULOUS! I got them in a pack of 20 at At Home. They make any ornament outstanding!

I had a small roll of copper wire from Lowe's. I cut it into about 6 inch sections, wrapped it around a pen, and folded one end into a hook. Voila! Copper icicles.
I cut these gears on my Cricut out of a copper glitter foam sheet. They are about 4 inches each. I hung them with fishing line.
The stars are made from various size washers. I added bronze sequins and gears. They are hung with fishing line.
These are the snowmen made from nuts. A washer is used as the brim for the top hat, and clock hands for arms. I added copper glitter glue to the edges.

These metal roses were on clearance at Michael's. I painted them metallic colors and added glitter glue to the edges. The were hung with fishing line.
The ornaments here are a combination of Tim Holtz Ornate Plates, damask ribbon for the background, gears, clock hands, arrows, and glitter glue. Hung with fishing line.
 The heart with gears is actually a button.
This pic is sideways. The frames were found at At Home on clearance. I added Steampunk images from Graphic 45 and they are hung with fishing line.
 These next two sets of ornaments are my favorite. I found clearance key plates at Michaels, painted them metallic colors, added wire, beads, gears, clock hands and sequins. they were hung with the fancy beaded hooks and looked AH-mazing!

 I did not make the large pocket watch, that's from Cracker Barrel. The rest of them I made using jewelry blanks and Graphic 45 Steampunk images. They are hung with ribbon.
 The deer were found at the Dollar Tree already in these glittery colors. They had a bow, evergreen and berries glued to them which I removed. I added the Steampunk gear accents.
I found these tiny metal frames for 79 cents at American Candle on a trip to the Poconos in PA. I hung a few upside down for variety. Each one has a steampunk Santa in it. I added glitter glue to the frame and hung them with fishing line.
 The keys are permanent decor in our house on display in the hallway in the guest wing. Many were found at Michael's when the dollar bins were all a dollar. Oh the good ol' days. I hung them on the tree without hooks.
The garland was a killer! I couldn't find anything I liked that wasn't pricey. So I decided to make my own. I cut sheets and sheets of cardstock gears on my Cricut. Then I painted them...front AND back with metallic paints in gold, bronze, and copper. What a task! This was the hardest and longest project. Once I finally finished painting them, I strung them on fishing line with gold beads. There was about 90 feet of garland. It was worth it! A very original and unique garland perfect for our Steampunk tree!
No Steampunk tree is complete without a set of Edison light bulbs. I found a set of 20 for $10 at Walmart and they were just what I needed!
 I stuck these metallic bunches around the angel tree topper.
 A sample of some of the ball ornaments.
 Mercury glass.
 Random bits and baubles. Blue wire and bead stars, a cloisonne ornament, metal woven star, wire beaded ball ornament, and silver owls.
 Metal foldable orbs from Old Time Pottery.
Finally, the beautiful metal cut and embossed angel tree topper. I found her at Old Time Pottery too, but she wasn't a tree topper. I removed the base so I could put lights inside and sit her atop the tree. I loved her. I thought about adding bronze or copper paint, but she really was perfect just like this.

I hope you enjoyed learning about my Steampunk Christmas tree!

Happy new year!