March 9, 2018

The Annabelles LIVE on HSN



What a fabulous week this has been! Felicia and I were busy finishing our damask patterned wallpaper, setting up our mini-studio, testing with HSN, and prepping for our live video chat with Anna Griffin. Even though we knew we'd be on air only a couple of minutes, we figured this may be a once in a lifetime moment, and being the ladies that we are, we knew we had to give it all we got and make the most of it. And that is exactly what we did! That's why we put so much thought and effort into it. 

It was a lot of fun, and another Annabelle Adventure in the books! Who could ask for more? We will be talking about this FOR EVER! lol  We know lots of people get to speak on HSN, and skype in to video chat, but for us, this was super special. And we got to do it together, which was even better! Gosh, how many sistas get to say they were on national television together? So glad we were able to do this.

We turn into giggling teenagers whenever Anna likes a post on our Instagram. Can you imagine the amount of unabashed squealing that took place when she messaged us through Facebook? We were beside ourselves! I swear, you'd think we'd won the Publisher's Clearing House or something. There was so much excitement. To us she is a craft rock star, and we are undoubtedly her groupies! lol  I mean that's the level of excitement here, think teenagers at a Taylor Swift concert. (Or just as accurately, me at a Taylor Swift concert, bcuz, Taylor...) But seriously, we really do become these giggling girls and forget that we are grown women! And maybe that's the point, that you can have something you enjoy and are so passionate about that it makes you forget your age, problems, and worries even for just a few minutes. 

We are so thankful for this experience and we look forward to many more Annabelle Adventures, and of course, Annabelle antics!  We are thankful for the lovely comments we received on Instagram (theannabelles) and the support from our family and friends. Shout out to my fabulous hub for being our impromptu "in-house producer!"

Until the next adventure, Miles of Smiles,

March 7, 2018

The Annabelles on HSN

Super excited for The Annabelles to chat with Anna Griffin on HSN tonight! My sista and I will be making our national television debut (haha) sometime between 7-8:00 pm. Come join in the fun of their 24 hours of crafting day!

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Miles of Smiles,

February 23, 2018

Birthday Cakes for My Friend card

I made this for a friend's birthday. This card was so blinged out by the time I finished it. It sparkled all over! I tried to capture that in the last photo. 
I started with a pink patterned Anna Griffin card base, topped it with a green die cut and embossed tassel frame. Beneath the frame I added a printed die cut rose trellis pattern. I topped the frame with a sweet pink birthday cake printed die cut, printed die cut cupcake and flower images. Then two cupcake 3D stickers (Jolee's) and a printed sentiment. I added pearls, resin roses, and a LOT of glitter glue - to the cake, cupcake, flowers, tassel frame. 


Miles of Smiles,

Final Valentine's

These are the last of the Valentine Cards I made. More using Anna Griffin items, and at the end are Fuse shaker cards. Those are made with the Fuse tool and special coated papers that react to the heat tool to literally fuse them together. It almost looks like stitching, but it's the melted coated paper.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Have a happy heart every day!







Miles of Smiles,

February 13, 2018

Send My Love...

So, this sentiment "Sending my Love" automatically starts playing Adele's "Send My Love (to Your New Lover)" song on repeat in my head. Which is not a bad thing. 

I really like this card and I'm pretty sure it is the 3D flowers that enthrall me. I die cut the fancy background from pink cardstock, added a collage card topper, the two pink camilla (?) flower stickers, heart with glitter, and gold arrow (not AG), and lovely pink satin bow. Finally embellished with a red rhinestone in each corner. Easy peasy mac and cheesy.

See more Anna Griffin fan crafts at #theannabelles!

 Miles of smiles,

A Little Birdie Valentine

A little birdie told me it was almost Valentine's Day. Well you know what they say, birds of a feather flock together. As in this little card. 

A couple tricks on this card too. Let's start with the blue embossed frame in the background. I fussy cut it after embossing. Then there's the heart outline die cut, like in previous posts. But here's a new one...I used the cover from an Anna Griffin cardstock paper pad to cut the birds. Ha! I die cut the heart with the bird centered and then fussy cut the other bird, which then I attached with foam dots. Some more glitter glue here and there, and it's done. The flowers and sentiment image is a collage card topper, which I cut in order to slide the large bird heart die cut beneath.

See more Anna Griffin fan crafts at #theannabelles!

Miles of smiles,

More Love

More love to go around! This sweet little number was created with Anna Griffin paper and die cuts. Oh surprise, right? Pink patterned card base, but I just could NOT cover up that lovely flower in the center of the pattern. So, I framed it! First with a gold foil frame, then with a white outline heart die cut (again, using the negative space of a previous die cut). I layered the Love words and added glitter dots. An embossed and inked strip along the left edge. Then embellished with a fan, die cut foil heart, die cut arrow (not AG), and flower also glittered. I did cut the tassel off the fan to then weave it through the heart and remain within the border of the card. A tiny pearl to the heart and the gold foil frame, and voila! Complete Valentine for somebody special.

All these and more Anna Griffin fan crafts at #theannabelles. Come find us!

Miles of smiles,

Love Youuuuu

Love You Valentine. Started with a pink patterned Anna Griffin card base, added gold flourishes, roses stickers, patterned heart, die cut heart, sentiment, and pink velvet bow. Ok so the trick here is that after I die cut a white heart, I used the negative space to create another image. It's not anything new here, you've probably all seen this done before. But it creates a new image and gives you more options with your metal dies. All you do is manually with scissors and very carefully (!) cut around the negative space left in the cardstock after you run it through your machine. I am totally crushing on this velvet ribbon. Nothing says Valentine like velvet. Am I right?!

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Miles of Smiles,

Featured Feathers

I made a lot of Valentines this year, so bear with me. I was unusually inspired by the holiday. This card is of course, mostly Anna Griffin. The tan card base is highlighted with a white heart die cut, gold foil leaves, red foil heart die cut, rose stickers, sentiment tag, patterned ribbon, and red feathers. Yes, feathers! I saved that for last, because...FEATHERS! lol

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 Miles of Smiles,

January 26, 2018

Valentine Blues

I think of this card as "non-traditional" Valentine colors. I mean I'm sure vintage Valentines have blue in them, but I feel like recent years the usual reds and pinks are prevalent.

I can say this card is 100% Anna Griffin. Wait, dang it. Ok well if you don't count the glitter glue, blue sequins, and ink. lol Close enough.

The card base is a pale green with some pink. I cut the blue die cut in half and attached each piece at an angle in opposite corners. I added a blue sequin to each piece. I then added a Valentine collage topper and tucked a couple green die cut leaves under it. The flower is made of different die cuts, inked and curled, with a blue sequin in the center. 

The pink heart die cut is tricky. After I die cut the inside heart (as seen on the previous card), I realized I could cut closely around the negative space to get an outline heart. I attached it with teenie-beanie foam dots. Finally I added gold glitter glue to the heart, the flower centers, and the stamens/petals of the blue die cut flower.

Maybe this could be a more "masculine" Valentine? Who knows.

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Miles of Smiles.