October 28, 2013


Check out the candygram card I made for Boss's Day. I used a tri-fold foam board so it would stand on its own. I covered the background with pink patterned paper arranged to create a chevron effect. I cut each of the letters from the Cricut (I think I used the Jubilee font cartridge). I arranged it and glued it all down.  The candy is attached with a heavy duty double stick tape, so they can be removed and eaten.

Miles of Smiles,

October 17, 2013

Falloween at Our House

Ah, it's that most wonderful time of year, when the air is crisp, and leaves turn gorgeous colors, and...OH WAIT...I live in Florida, so never mind! hehe Although the days are not hot anymore, it still feels like summer. Actually "fall" in Florida is really wonderful. The days are pleasantly cooler, and there's little to no humidity, and the sun shines most of the time. It's also time to bring fall into our home. I LOVE Halloween so I thought I would share some of my home decor with you. Enjoy!
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Fall Arrangement with Witch Hats
Dining Room

Cobweb covered sunflowers

Bubbling Lighted Witch Cauldrons. Total dollar store creation: cauldron candy buckets, mini lights, eyeballs, and cobwebs for the "bubbling foam" effect. Creepy cute, right?

Creepy Skeleton hands reaching out of the pumpkin

Black feather Halloween Tree with jack-o-lantern lights, spiders, skeletons, jewels, and ornaments

The road to Spookyville is paved with pumpkins, spiders, bugs, and fuzzy owls.

The only fire in this fireplace is the hellfire in the jack-o-lantern's eyes

Decaying roses ripped from the grave of some unsuspecting victim. Actually, dollar store flowers painted with black acrylic paint. Much cooler than the all black ones you can buy because you can make them "decay" as much as you want. Add in cobwebs, spiders, lights, berries, bugs, skeleton hands, and snakes and this bouquet is too creepy to stop and sniff.

The player piano decked out with sprawling berry branches, and candelabra, crows, and jack-o-lanterns.

Miss Thang in the guest bath. She's decent with the "bubbles" covering her. Plus the spiders and bugs. And she even has a pink mani and pedi, and pink lip gloss to match. {sigh} A gal after my own heart...too bad she doesn't have her own heart anymore!

My handcrafted witch hat on display atop a lamp in the front window, awaiting the 31st to be fashionably worn. Notice the blingy spider taking residence on the hat?

Nothing says Halloween like a grave yard at the breakfast counter. I hope no one pops up to say good morning.

An apothecary jar filled with skeletons, bones, rats, eyeballs, and drops of blood. Creepy!