January 24, 2010

Sweet Treats Birdhouse

This is the birdhouse I have been working on. Yep, it's a birdhouse! It began as an unfinished wooden cabin. I painted the logs to look like striped candy sticks. The ends of the logs have "candy button" flower stickers on them. I attached the cupcake stickers to chipboard and cut them out. Some are attached inside the house and some are attached outside. I painted the chimney to match the present in the doorway. The roof was painted an aqua blue and while the paint was still wet I lightly sprinkled glitter on it. When dry I dotted it with pink Stickles glitter glue. I stuffed a piece of styrofoam into the chimney and stuck in pieces of curled wire ribbon and silver stars attached to wires. It sparkles and shines and it really does look "sweet." I sent it to my partner in a swap I signed up for. The swap is to make 1 house per month so at the end of the year you have 12 decorated houses. Some months have a theme, such as this one which was Sweet Shop. I haven't received the one from my partner yet, but I am looking forward to it.

Miles of Smiles,

Snowflake Envelopes

These are little goody envelopes that I made for the employees at my last job. I cut out the envelopes from various shades of blue cardstock, embossed them with snowflakes, cut out a white snowflake and attached it with a blue brad. I put assorted candy into the envelope, some crinkled paper strips for "snow" filler and a stamped tag that says "Joys of the Season". I took them to work and passed them out to everyone.

Miles of Smiles,

Are You Sick of Christmas Cards Yet?

Even More Christmas Cards

January 20, 2010

Settled on a Template

Well, it looks like this is the winner winner chicken dinner as far as new templates go. It's not ooooo...aaaaaah....but it is more "me" than the first one I tried. The first one was just too dark, and I'm more of a sunny person. I liked the look of this one cuz it reminded me of scrapbooking and rubber stamping, but I really had to tweak some of the html code to get it where I wanted it. It's OK now. It works. I do like the Search feature because now if you want to look for a specific card or project I did, this will help you find it. Good deal.

January 19, 2010

Template Attempt #1

I'm trying out a new template for my blog. I've never used a non-blogspot template before, so I'm not quite sure if I am going to like it. I never understood why blogger itself didn't have more of their own templates to choose from. This one is pretty, but I'll have to play around with it to decide if it's easy to use. Right now, I'm not thrilled with it because the template didn't include the top blogger bar options like "Dashboard" and "Customize" so I'm winging it. And I already lost some of the other gadgets I had before, like my photo and some other links. So don't be surprised if I change it again very soon.

January 18, 2010

Christmas Cards 2009

After I uploaded my latest project for BBTB2, it reminded me that I need to post all my Christmas cards for 2009. So here's a few of them...

More Christmas Cards 2009

BBTB2 Snowman Challenge

Here is my project for Bitten By The Bug 2. This snowman is so stinkin' cute! I tend to gravitate toward him. It's red cardstock with a blue snowflake patterned paper on top. Foam snowflakes and a rubber stamped sentiment. The snowman was cut from a faintly patterned snowflake paper and I made his scarf from ribbon. I drew his features and it turned out pretty good. I tore a piece of different snowflake paper for the "snow" on the bottom, and I Stickle'd the snowflakes, the background paper, and the snow pile. In case you are wondering, Bitten By The Bug was taken over by another very talented gal, Heather, after Regina stepped down to concentrate on other priorities. The designers are still there and still creating wonderful projects, so please go check them out at BBTB2.
Miles of Smiles,

January 17, 2010

Weekend Over

It was a nice weekend all in all. On Friday we went to a friend's house for dinner. That was fun. We have such a good time together. On Saturday, I was a scuzz all day - cleaning, organizing, painting, finishing up my swap birdhouse (I'll have pics & explain tomorrow). Sunday we went to Orlando to a few computer stores, Northern Tool, and Ikea. LOVE Ikea! It's so fun to walk around there and get ideas and see all the cool furniture and room layouts. Didn't buy anything but got to see a few of the things we are thinking about in person. On the way back we stopped in Altamonte Springs and got ice cream and sat at Crane's Roost park. That place is so pretty! When we got home, the hub grilled up hot dogs for us. Yummy! I spent most of the evening clearing off the pics from my digital camera. These are from my birthday in November at Disney. Good times! It will be very weird and very sad not to have to get up for work tomorrow. I'm gonna miss those guys. I read somewhere recently that all things both good and bad, come to an end. It somehow made more of an impact to think that EVERYTHING has an ending. So as this job ends now, and it saddens me, I know that at some point it would have had an end anyway. It was just sooner than later in this case. The only thing I worry about now is finding my path. I always fear choosing the wrong one. But I'm sure I'll keep busy with the job of finding a job! Oy. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Please keep Haiti in your prayers.