February 25, 2013


This is the start of my annual calendar. For the past few years, there was a group of us that would each pick a month and design duplicates of that page, then trade pages and create a calendar. It was fun and I loved seeing everyone's artwork each month throughout the year. This past year, none of that happened (sadly) as people have moved on in varying directions in life. But I still wanted a handcrafted calendar, so I just started making my own.  It's kind of nice only having to make one of each design, and I don't have to make the whole year all at once.  I started my January page in the middle of my Christmas break, and actually, my friend Heidi and her daughter made one too!  So far I've made January, February, and March (no pic of March yet). I designed the monthly dates pages in PowerPoint, printed them out and trimmed them down. The pages are 8x8 and all I do is slide them into the scrapbook page protectors and use fancy brads to connect the page protectors together.  Voila!  Instant calendar!  I can slide the dates section out to write on it when I need to, and each month I replace the top and bottom pages with the current month.  I also can keep two pages in the sleeves, so I have the current month on one side and the following month on the other side. I can just flip it over if I need to see the next month. This works perfect for me, and I really like my pages so far.  I have to admit, I totally love February cuz I made it look like me and my hub under the stars enjoying a glass of bubbly. Of course our Spooky dog is included as well!  I will show more pages as I create them (and remember to photograph them!)

Miles of Smiles,

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