Here is  where I will post photos of my scrapbook pages.  Most are 12 x 12.  I do not consider myself a "traditional" scrapper.  I don't follow "rules."  I don't journal...I don't always use a page title...I don't match colors exactly...I like to use different (strange) color combinations...I don't do things chronologically...I like to use the papers to pull out subtle colors in the photos...I like to be skewed rather than symmetrical...I don't follow the rule of three's...I rarely create 2 page spreads.
To sum it up, I scrapbook for myself, not for future generations.  I don't care if my scrapbooks stand the test of time because they aren't going to be handed down to anyone; we have no children.  I find a few photos that make me smile and I put them on a scrapbook page.  The elements I use on the page are to complement the photos, not add or detract from them, because in the end it is the photos that matter, it is the photos that make me smile.   I've had "serious" scrappers criticize my pages because they don't follow rules or whatever, but if I become that serious about it than it wouldn't be fun or enjoyable anymore.  Honestly, I'm just glad to have my photos in something a little more fun than a plain ol' photo album.  

This is my own unique style, as it should be because this is my own unique life. 

So here are my scrapbook them, like them, hate them, it's OK...they aren't for you anyway.   :)

Miles of Smiles,