April 21, 2008

Recycle For Camping

Here is the latest project for Bitten By The Bug. I created this entirely from scraps of paper! Go Green, right? As a paper crafter I always have a stash of scraps, which usually end up in the trash anyway. With this project I was able to use some of that stash to make a handy fire starter for when we go camping. I embossed the box with swirls and added a raffia handle. The camping images are cut out and colored with small stamps and inks. Inside is a used dryer sheet with bits of dryer lint and paper scraps twisted to make a "pack". The whole thing gets used to start a camp fire. I've used the dryer sheet concoction before, but this is much prettier, more fun, and a great way to keep the dryer sheets and lint out of the landfills, while keeping my scraps from getting trashed too!

Miles of Smiles,