November 20, 2011

Simple Things card

This was a fun card to make. I used Gecko Galz 12 Days collage sheet 2. Create card from newsprint cardstock and ink edges with red ink. Using a craft knife, cut around the glitter banner on the cardstock. Lightly ink the white space around the collage image with brown and red ink. Attach the image to the swirl paper, then to the colored block paper. Adhere to the left side of the card beneath the banner. Loop the bakers twine around your hand several times, knot one end, and cut the loops of the other end. Tie beads onto the twine, attach to the card with a decorative metal brad. Adhere strips of decorative tape to the corners of the image. Adhere the fabric sentiment sticker over the image. Attach an embossed felt flower to the card with a decorative metal brad.

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