June 24, 2012

Apothecary Art

My friend and I have clear apothecary jars that we like to change out with seasonal decorations. It's always fun to try and design a new "vignette" to decorate the inside of the jar. Sometimes it's very simple, and other times, it's a little more involved. As this one is. Our theme was "beachy" and instead of just sand and shells I found some really cute items to add into the mix. I started with teenie-beenie blue rocks as the "water" element. I topped it with glittery white soft sand, letting some of the "water" show. I embellished with tiny shells, clear glass pebbles, a piece of driftwood, tin beach bail with shovel (which is really a candle holder), and adorable flip flops (which were key chains). I also added a paper drink umbrella, but I took the pic before I thought to add the umbrella. Cute, eh?  Those tiny flip flops kill me! lol

Miles of Smiles,


Cricutbug - Marie said...

Love this! The flip flops really are adorable!

Just me said...

This is great! Love the flip flops and I bet the addition of the umbrella is just perfect!