April 15, 2014

Easter Cards 2014

Last night I feverishly created 10 Easter cards to send to family. It was a whirlwind as this activity had completely slipped my mind over the weekend.  Ooops.  After narrowing down the mailing list, I thought 10 MIGHT be doable, if I could come up with an easily replicable template. Voila! I cut the egg on the Cricut from white cardstock and embossed it with the cuttlebug. To the 6.5 x 5 card I added ribbon, stickers, and a rubber stamp. All I really changed was the colors and ribbons for each card. It completely devoured my evening, but I'm glad I got them done. Hopefully snail mail will get them there by Saturday. Fingers crossed.  Happy Easter!!

Miles of Smiles, 


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