October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween! It's such a fun, scary, creepy holiday. Of course I can't get enough horror films! I love all the "13 days" of scary movies on all the different networks during October. Can you remember your scariest Halloween? I do. When I was a teenager, maybe like 14 or 15, my boyfriend and I went walking around the graveyard on Halloween night. The moon was the only light, but it made it bright enough to see clearly. This graveyard was on a hill, and we walked down the hill turned around and started walking back up. Only about half way up the hill, there appeared a coffin! Right there, where we had just walked! It was resting on some sort of table or stand or something, so the coffin itself was about chest high, and it was all black. We both stopped, we both saw it. We looked at each other and looked back at this mystery casket. We just stood there for a few minutes because we didn't believe our eyes. There was no one else around, not even a sound, so we could not figure out how it got there. I was half tempted to open it, my curiousity was killing me (no pun intended). I don't think my boyfriend shared this desire. Instead we just walked around it, keeping our eyes on it, then bolted the rest of the way up the hill and out of that cemetary!!! We were soo scared! I will never forget that. Do you have any super scary Halloween moments? I'd love to hear them. Just send me an email melisssa2000@yahoo.com. Maybe the scariest one will get a treat! bwa-ha-ha!
Now here are a few quick and simple Halloween cards. I used foam stamps, a rubber stamp,and some stickers.

Miles of Smiles,