November 14, 2007

YaY! It's my Birthday

My birthday was yesterday, the 13th of November. I had such a great day. I had many calls and received many cards in the mail. My hub took me out to dinner to Red Lobster (my choice) and he gave me a gorgeous strand of pearls. It is a long strand that I can wear a ton of different ways, so I am really excited about that (yeah, I'm such a girly girl). I even got flowers delivered to my office from some far-off friends, who are just so thoughtful. My younger brother's birthday is exactly 2 weeks after mine, and we usually celebrate both our birthdays at Thanksgiving, so that's when we will exchange gifties. That's always fun to look forward to. Thank you for all the warm wishes and sweet sentiments. It couldn't have been a better day!

Miles of Smiles,