March 10, 2010

Mini Egg Madness!

Ah...Cadbury Mini Eggs. They are just little chocolate eggs dropped from Heaven! I wait all year for the Mini Eggs to fill the store shelves with their chocolatey goodness in the spring. Joy! It's probably a good thing they are only released once a year cuz I'd weigh 500 pounds if they were available on a daily basis. I chow them down, but I take my time, in a way, because I don't just chew them up...I suck on them. I suck on them until their beautifully fragile sugar shells dissolve, and then I let the shouldn't-be-legal creamy chocolate melt in my mouth. Oh pure, sweet, edible satisfaction. I eat one at a time, which I also like to believe makes them last longer. But I swear, they are like some kind of "cadbury drug" because once I get that first taste of heaven from a purple bag, I cannot stop! Does anyone else have this difficulty with the Mini Eggs?? When the bag is sadly emptied, I wonder how long it will be until my next fix! They are just Mini Eggs for goodness sake! But for me, it's like catnip. Gimme more, and don't ever let the purpley bag of goodness run dry.....until Easter is over and I begin the year long vigil for their much awaited return the following spring. {sigh} See how I'm rambling? The "cadbury drug" makes me do that... Please leave a comment to let me know it's not just me...that I'm not the only one Mad-for-Mini-Eggs!

Miles of Chocolatey Smiles,

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