November 4, 2014


Also the name of our pup
Check out the boa, hat, and bling
Here is a sampling of our house for Halloween.  

Masquerade masks on the pumpkins
Player piano with witch hats for guests
Halloween mantel and fireplace

Above the mantel

Inside the fireplace
The cauldron has color changing lights and looks so cool at night

Hand painted roses, added eyeballs, snakes, cobwebs

Brooms in the Broom Lane at the entrance to our home

Middle hat is mine; decorated them all myself
Birdcage with rat, bat, and owls on top.

Owl with masquerade mask & witch hat
Homemade Spells and Potions books

Boney Bunch by Yankee Candle steampunk raven candleholder

Creepy phone from Target and another homemade "phone book"

Paper lanterns galore

Homemade banner on china cabinet

Another Boney Bunch figure, candy dish. I put an LED candle in it.

Homemade Alice in Wonderland Halloween Tea sign

Homemade ornaments, branches from tree

Apothecary jar with witch nose, mask, hat

Above the lanai doors

Tree, candles, raven skeleton. Handmade medallions with tulle.

Cackling witch by front door
Coffee cup with skull in kitchen

Spooky Smiles,

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