November 4, 2014

Make Your Own Enamel Dots

So I had to get on the bandwagon of trying to make my own enamel dots, which are so popular right now. All you have to do is melt pony beads in your oven/toaster oven. I took my toaster oven outside on our lanai because I was afraid the melting plastic beads would smell. Surprisingly, it didn't seem to have any odor. I set it at 425 (I think) and placed the beads on parchment paper, then on the metal baking sheet. I kept my eye on them, and when they all looked melted, I took them out. It was about 7 minutes, give or take a couple minutes. It depends on how large or small the beads are to begin with. Overall, I liked how they turned out and will probably do this again.

Miles of Smiles,

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