June 15, 2007

How About A Product Review?

Yay, today is Friday! Woohoo! Haven't made cards in the past few days, but I have been working on a swap. I was stamping and embossing several images and I tried out my new embossing powders from The Powder Keg. Somewhere along the line, I thought, hey I should write about these new products I try. :) I'm not associated with any company, so you are getting a totally honest, down-to-earth, no-holds-barred review of these products! I'll try to do a new one every week, probably Friday's. So tune back in! Ok, here goes.....

Product: Powder Keg's hand mixed embossing powders
Colors: Antique Copper, Bronze Patina, Metallic Marble, Not So Rusted Penny, & Copper Kettle
Website: www.powderkegembossingpowders.com
Purchased Through: got at a local rubber stamp show

Review: Although I used only 5 of the many powders available, I was very pleased. They were having a special at a RS show, all these metallics as a set. They had samples there using the product as well, and when I saw them I knew I had to have them. They melt so awesome! These special "recipes" have flecks of other colors in them as well, which makes them really lovely when they melt together. Some give a marble effect, while others are more "spotty", so to speak, but not grainy at all. They melt very smooth and don't stick where I don't want them to! They had some samples using them on chipboard, and let me tell you, they looked like real metals. I can't wait to find other projects to use these on! I would recommend them for sure.

Have a great weekend!
Miles of Smiles,