June 22, 2007

Product Review Friday

Here it is, Friday again! Woohoo! I've got another product review for ya. I don't know how long these little guys have been around, but I think they are fairly new. I'm sure not all my product reviews will be about new items, but more about items I am trying for the first time. So let's get on with it....

Product: Cutter Bee Piercing Bugs

Purchased Through: Oriental Trading

Cost: $8 - $10 (got mine for $7.99) Review: When I saw these, I thought, "Oh wow, how much easier will that make hole piercing?" Well, they aren't the best thing since sliced bread, but I am growing fond of them. You can see them used on the bird card in the previous post. They aren't as sharp as I thought they would be. I mean Cutter Bee scissors are very sharp, so I thought these guys would be as well, but not really. They definitely pierce the holes, but I've noticed that you have to maintain even pressure when rolling them along. I used a piece of cardboard as the backing, and definitely a ruler. When using a ruler it's best to first place the bug where you want it to start and press it down, then line up the ruler. Otherwise, if you put the ruler in place first, the bug will get "caught up" on the edge of the ruler and not pierce through as deeply. It pierces the holes 1/8" apart, which is nice to have them evenly spaced. When doing the holes on the circular tag (below on the bird card) it was slow going, and I had to stop and turn the tag several times. It wasn't one smooth, fluid movement around the circular edge. But that's no biggie, you just need a little patience to pierce a round edge. One thing I didn't love about them was where the retractor slot was. As you can see it is on the side, and as I used the bug, my thumb kept pushing in on the retractor. So what, right? Well, it's one of those "push in and slide back to retract" thingies, and as I was trying to use it, the pressure of using it (ie piercing) in combination with my thumb accidentally pushing on the retractor button made it close, or retract some, in turn making some of the pierced holes different sizes. I just had to be very aware of where my thumb was at all times. Overall, they weren't difficult to use, once you figure it out. I like the texture they create, and I'm sure it will make life easier if I want to stitch with a fiber or ribbon instead of thread. Be aware that they are very small, only about 2 1/2" long, so it's not like they fill your whole hand. More of a fingertip tool. Also, I would like to try other materials to pierce on as a backing, instead of cardboard perhaps a foam sheet, magazine, mousepad etc.

There you go!
Miles of Smiles,