August 16, 2007

Some New Cards

I made these cards last night for a friend of mine.

This first one is obviously a birthday card. I like to try using color combinations that you wouldn't normally think of, in this case, turquoise / orange / fucshia. The flower is 3D and I created the word circle on the computer. Button is vintage Grammy. Stickles on all the aqua.

This next card is also a birthday card, very girly I think. Sage green and purples. I stitched around the card and to hold the ribbon in place. Paper and silk flowers, gold brads, rubber stamped (Happy Birthday), and Stickles.

This card was fun because it says "Heart Felt Wishes", and the hearts are cut out of felt! teehee The card itself is green parchment, with chocolate cardstock and a printed paper with flowers and ivy and words. The scallops around the felt hearts are more of a raspberry color, though hard to tell in the pic. I did more stitching! My sewing machine got a workout last night!

This birthday card is for a young boy. It's a larger card (5 x 7). The card is aqua with printed papers, embossed turquoise paper, mustard letters/numbers, chipboard frame, party hats, and of course, Stickles. The Stickles are on the letters and numbers but you can't really see it in the pic. I have a better pic of that.

Last one! A baby card, but I'm not quite happy with it. It's supposed to be a bib, but it looked better when I sketched it out than it does here. I stitched the edge of the bib to the felt edge. Used ribbon to edge the card, buttons, rubber stamps, Stickles. I can't quite figure out why it doesn't look the bib too big? I don't know.
Anyway, I've been busy! And I've got some more to do tonight as well. Whew!
Miles of Smiles,