August 8, 2007

Trying To Keep Coooool

Oh my word, it is sooooo HOT today. When I open our back door, it's like a blast furnace, practically pushing me down. Whew! We had some house guests this week, so they have been keeping me busy, plus I have been very busy at work. We had a lovely day at the beach yesterday. Thankfully, it was a little overcast so we weren't baking. So needless to say, the little ol' blog has been neglected a bit. But never fear, I'm still here. My little niece was crafting with me during her visit. She really likes all my "crafty stuff" and we had such a good time.

I managed to make another project using an ice cream container. This one is for Christmas Cookies. I am having a fine ol' time altering these ice cream vats! teehee

Think cool thoughts....think cool thoughts.....think cool thoughts......

Miles of Smiles,