July 17, 2007

New Design for BBTB

Here is my latest design for the BBTB Challenge #4. The challenge was to use one of the two "blurbs" from the George cartridge. I like to call them "thought balloons." Anyhoo, I figured the most obvious thing would be to put some sort of words or thoughts in them. But as I just stated, that's so obvious. Since it is a challenge, I challenged myself a step further: to use them in a totally unobvious way. I picked the rounder of the two, cut it out four times and layered it with the tails pointing in different directions. Hmmm... Kinda looks like a beetle, so I added the swinging wings, and some text underneath. Voila! Beetle Swing Card. It's glitzy, creepy, and even a little cute. :) Perfect for a boy's Halloween card....I may just give this to my nephew.

See the other designer's creations at http://regina-bittenbythebug.blogspot.com/. They are all sooo cute!
Miles of Smiles,