July 13, 2007

Product Review Friday

Hello again. It's that special day of the week....time for a product review. Hmmmm...what will it be this week? Oh the suspense is killing me....especially since I have no idea. hahaha! Just kidding. Here we go....

Product: Rubber Stamp Tapestry peg stamp sets

Website: http://www.rubberstamptapestry.com

Purchased Through: Got at a RS show

Cost: varies by size of set, average @ $10

Review: This company was referred to me by an older crafter lady who has since passed away. She had trouble with arthritis and found these peg stamps easier to work with. Indeed, they are fun to use, arthritis or not. They are each a little tid-bit, but when you use them together, you get fantastic results! Just browse their website to see. You can buy them in sets, or they have singles too. I buy the sets, and find myself mixing and matching images. Too fun! They now have pretty border stamps as well, but I don't have any of those (yet!) On the back of each set are instructions for how to layer and create beautiful wreaths, backgrounds, or frames, so there's nothing to be intimidated about. The result looks like you spent hours creating it, but really, it's fast work, fun, and very pleasing. I recommend them, especially for anyone who may occasionally get a little "bored" with stamping (yes, it happens even to the best of us!) lol

Have a great weekend!
Miles of Smiles,