January 17, 2010

Weekend Over

It was a nice weekend all in all. On Friday we went to a friend's house for dinner. That was fun. We have such a good time together. On Saturday, I was a scuzz all day - cleaning, organizing, painting, finishing up my swap birdhouse (I'll have pics & explain tomorrow). Sunday we went to Orlando to a few computer stores, Northern Tool, and Ikea. LOVE Ikea! It's so fun to walk around there and get ideas and see all the cool furniture and room layouts. Didn't buy anything but got to see a few of the things we are thinking about in person. On the way back we stopped in Altamonte Springs and got ice cream and sat at Crane's Roost park. That place is so pretty! When we got home, the hub grilled up hot dogs for us. Yummy! I spent most of the evening clearing off the pics from my digital camera. These are from my birthday in November at Disney. Good times! It will be very weird and very sad not to have to get up for work tomorrow. I'm gonna miss those guys. I read somewhere recently that all things both good and bad, come to an end. It somehow made more of an impact to think that EVERYTHING has an ending. So as this job ends now, and it saddens me, I know that at some point it would have had an end anyway. It was just sooner than later in this case. The only thing I worry about now is finding my path. I always fear choosing the wrong one. But I'm sure I'll keep busy with the job of finding a job! Oy. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Please keep Haiti in your prayers.


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