January 15, 2010

New Year

Happy New Year, I suppose. Although our Christmas holiday was wonderful, driving up north to see all our family whom we dearly missed, the New Year has not started very well. On January 4th, we found out that our princess kitty Miss ZC has bone cancer and will have to be put down. So sad. She doesn't act sickly which makes it all the harder a decision to make. We haven't done it yet, and are avoiding it until we feel it is absolutely necessary (i.e. she can't walk any more or stops eating etc.) She is a family member, as was Poe, and losing a family member, even the furry kind, is tragic and heartbreaking. Then yesterday, the 14th, I got let go from my temp job due to the company's financial difficulties. That was quite a shock. I was enjoying that job and my fellow co-workers there. And now here I am jobless once again in a very competitive market. Just when we started to think things were turning around and getting back on track. I know it is a temporary set back and we will survive, as always. It's just that it was a little easier to survive with me working too. And the thought of job hunting again is sooo unappealing....research, resumes, follow up calls, interviews, anxiety. Ugh! Gag! But guess what? Now that I have free time to spare (when I'm not job hunting) I can finally update my blog and add all those pics of cards and other projects that are sitting on my digital camera! I'm trying to think of the positive things that can occur while I'm jobless. Like go to lunch with a friend....enjoy the day with my hub on his days off...have family or friends come to visit...tackle some home projects...and have more time to create (if my mojo ever decides to return!). I believe everything happens for a reason, even if I may never understand the reason, so I'm hoping this is all leading to brighter days ahead. As I posted on Fbook, I hope God is opening that window somewhere...and I hope I can find that window. Yes, I'm sad and really bummed right now, but this too shall pass, right? Maybe I can get that much needed rest I've been craving lately. Although it's 4 AM right now, so I'm not getting off to a great start! And with that said, I bid you all a good night...uh, I mean good morning. Happy Friday and hope you all have a safe and peaceful weekend!
Miles of Smiles....ok, maybe just a few short feet of them anyway....

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